Aero Aarnio, 2005

Created by Eero Aarnio, master of Scandinavian design culture and innovator on the international scene since the sixties, Puppy is a puppy imagined by the great designer, whose aim was to see through the eyes of children when drawing dogs. A head, a body and legs: essential, rounded shapes that come to life in a friendly, playful, enduring and colorful object, ready for endless playtime and fun, both indoors and out. Puppy comes in four different sizes, all tailor-made for children, their tastes and their spaces, and also in an XS version, available in five colors.

Size XS/ Colors: white, black, coral red, mustard, turquoise.

Available on back-order



Davis Mellor, 1998

Transit stroller was created by designer David Mellor for Magis. It is a very simple design element, with geometric lines in a mixture of curves and voids that are apparently very elementary, but which as a whole enhance the whole element.

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