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Marcel Wanders, 2022

Ceiling fixture with diffused lighting. The dome is a combination of light and dark elements arranged in a network and formed by central structures covered by a fine interwoven coloured tubular mesh made of recycled and recyclable fabric produced from polyester. Each light element is powered by special micro-connectors located at the top of the dome and is covered by a two-tone mesh, while the side facing the inside of the dome is always white to allow optimal emission of the light from the LED module. The appliance is equipped with a balance system integrated into the upper part of the dome that allows you to regulate its balance, making it perfectly stable. The lower part of the dome is completed by an aluminum ring which holds the entire structure of the dome net in place by means of a simple snap-on system. The product is assembled without any glue, so it can be fully separated to be recycled in the future and in case of any repairs or replacements. Available lamp finishes: Blue Tourmaline, Almond, Anthracite or Brick Red.Equipped with built-in electronics that allows the use of different regulation systems: 0-10V / 1-10V / DALI / PUSH.”

57W – 1325lm – 2700-2900K – CRI> 90

Ref. F6393031

Dimensions (mm):

Ø904 x H26



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