The Fatboy Floatzac is the ultimate lounging piece, both beside and on the water. This comfortable floating lounger is filled with quick-drying, water-resistant EPS pearls. In addition, the Floatzac has a sturdy underside made of mesh fabric, which allows water to drain away easily. It can be used anywhere: both indoors and outdoors, in the water as well as next to it. For example, this water bag is equipped with adjustable straps with which you can easily remove it from the water. The seaside lounge chair is UV-resistant, waterproof and stain-proof, and is available in a variety of trendy, chlorine-resistant colours.

The Floatzac won’t sink, so you can sit in the water without worry.

Colour- white and red stripes

Dim.- 100 x 110 x 72 cm.

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