Pedro Vaz

Artist of the Month

The direct dive that Pedro Vaz makes for the recreation of Nature has been a work developed over time with somewhat ephemeral passages between film and video, however always present, but it is in the expression plastic that his work becomes grandiose, centered on a research in landscape.

The projects he develops are a construction dependent on the fact of humanity to perceive itself separate from nature. The artistic commitment to nature and its elements is present throughout the artist’s work. Exposing his works at various scales, the artist immerses deeply in the constructions and models that society Western mounts as understanding of an imposed truth by the current culture.

The “Sensible Life” exhibition, with an exhibition at GALANTE interior design studio from the 8th to the 30th of November, reveals how thinking can lead to an idea of the wild in perfect symbiosis with nature and how it is union comes together in universes recreated by interior design.

“The possibility of bringing the natural element to the domestic scale, throughof the works of the plastic artist is another challenge that Galante faces propose”, state the partners of GALANTE interior design studio. The various screens, present in the GALANTE showroom, invite you to a journey that transports us to the movement. A trajectory made in loco in a forest, as a personification of the same, recreating micro-universes suspended.