Obviamente somos do contra!

from Latin: Animosus

Handsome, elegant, graceful, slender, gently accommodating.
GALANTE is a name that absorbs everything, an adjective that embraces concepts. GALANTE is a word that guides choices, a door that opens and points out a path, an attitude with the right coordinates, a project that seeks new conquests.
GALANTE is above all a symbol of vitality. A brand that has made and continues to make a difference and makes a difference!

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso once said, in the Exhibition’s Manifesto: “In Portugal there is only one opinion on Art and it encompasses such a colossal majority that I fear it will rule by crushing”, and Galante asserts itself as being, obviously, against it.
Founded in 1992, Galante is one of the main and most respected Interior Design companies in Portugal.

After 30 years, and all the evolutions and winding paths to be pioneered by Design, it remains a firm reference in the market for both individuals and professionals, by representing brands such as; Vitra, Cassina, Edra, Roda, Ingo Maurer, Cappellini and more recently becoming official Mogg agent in Portugal, the result of the new management of the current owners who intend to revolutionize the brand without disruption with your story.