Duarte Vitória

Artista do Mês

Duarte Vitória’s painting reaches consciousness and holds our attention through the eyes of the characters represented, who subvert the common of figurative representation.

The observer becomes the observed through the intensity of the gaze of each of the figures, thus becoming a participant in each of the scenes represented.

Duarte Vitória portrays the human figure in an unusual way in a context of tension, as strange as it is familiar. The intensity of various kinds of feelings within and beyond the screen, like a silent scream.

“The female figure is the most beautiful, it is the greatest grace. In my extremely expressive and sometimes rude work, I try through rudeness to give beauty to the female figure”, says the artist who considers himself an expressionist.

In his technique, we can see wide and precise brushstrokes that illuminate every detail of human anatomy. The exaggerated shadows, contrasting with the dramatic touch of the application and the strength of the color, “a self-discovery and an analogy of ourselves preserved within the animalistic brushes trapped in the canvas. ”.

The exhibition of works by Duarte Vitória on display at Galante Interior Design, from December 2nd to January 10th reveals “a powerful discourse between the represented figures and the spectators, transmitting simultaneously the most beautiful and visceral depths of each one”.