Loft – Lisbon

Housing acquired as an investment, becoming a 2nd home for family reunion in Lisbon

  • Tipology:T2
  • Location:Lisbon, river

Single-family housing – Belém

3 storey villa with garden and swimming pool

  • Typology:T7 Residence
  • Location:Lisboa, Belém

Residential unit – Castilho

Second home, for family moments in Portugal. Where luxury and comfort are perfect allies

  • Tipology:T5
  • Location:Lisbon, Av. Da Liberdade

Duplex – São Jorge Castle

An eclectic environment where history and contemporary design share the same space

  • Tipology:T4
  • Location:Lisbon, Historic area

Single Family Housing – Quinta da Marinha

A beach house, a retreat and space for family gatherings

  • Tipology:T8 Residence
  • Location:Cascais

Office – Lisbon Rio

An industrial hangar adapted for a sophisticated law firm

  • Tipology:Open Space
  • Location:Santos

Single Family Housing – Venezuela

A family home, surrounded by lush vegetation

  • Typology:T8 Residence
  • Location:Cantaclaro

Art Gate Chiado

This sophisticated Hotel in the center of Chiado is at the same time a Cultural and Lifestyle Space

  • Tipology:Hotel/Gallery
  • Location:Chiado